What Is Web Design?

What Is Web DesignWhen it comes to web design, things are much more complicated these days. Simply put, web design is creating and planning a website. However, when designing a website, there are many different options and factors that must be considered, including interface, site structure, fonts, color and layout. These factors are all combined to create a site that meets a client’s goals.

Website designers are artists as well as coders these days. They must be able to bring various design elements together, including texture and shape, and incorporate these with fundamental design principles such as contrast and balance in order to create a website that is pleasing to look at and is artistic.

In order to do this, the designer must assess the customer’s needs and also determine which is the best platform for them. There are many different platforms to choose from, including XML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Some of these platforms get combined and used in conjunction to create sites that we could never have imagined were possible when the internet was just getting started.

Usability and speed are two of the main factors that must be considered when creating any website.

Good designers have other factors they need to consider in addition to the needs and wants of their clients. They must take into account how the search engines will view the site and also build it with the end users in mind so it is easy to navigate for them. How search engines view the website is critical. Google, along with many other search engines, evaluate each site as they crawl the web to determine if the website is bad or good.

It is a good idea to hire an experienced SEO expert to evaluate your website. You may want them to help your designers build the site for best results. They know how your site needs to flow and what it needs to look like to give you a good chance of showing up high in Google’s search results.

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics of web design, give us a call so we can start designing your website.

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