Our SEO Process

Our Process

Step 1 Discovery

In the world of SEO, there is no “one size fits all”. In order to do it and do it right and get the desired results, we’ll need to understand the business as well as the goals. Once this is accomplished, we’ll fully understand the risks and opportunity to make an informed decisions regarding what to do and when to do it. This step will include the following:

    • Situation Analysis – This is where we’ll do the preliminary research in order to determine the nature and the scope of the business and the website.
    • Phrase Research – Consider the estimated volume of search. Also consider the competitiveness and the intent of the relevant keywords. Using the proprietary phrase potential calculator we can then estimate the traffic and the revenue potential for your keywords based upon the current average conversion rates and values.
    • Competitive Analyzations – When we analyze your competitors we can search their presence, we can see the possibility of the likelihood and the time frames that are going to be required to reach your rankings, your traffic and ROI.
    • Identify Linkable Assets – In order to discover the most popular content for your website, we’ll observe the external links and the traffic data.
    • Relationship Assessment – Learn how to connect in the business world as well as with the customer. We’ll see how to extract value and how to extract the potential link partnerships.
    • On Site Link Analysis  – Here we can identify the links on your present site that are pointing to links with expired content or no longer valid. We can discover the links that can be implemented more fully as well as online references and mentions which can be turned into links.

Step 2 Strategy

Strategy will show what should be done and when it should be done by. Yet, it’s more than that. Strategy is the blueprint to make sure that everything is done appropriately and effectively. In our strategy, we have a 3 month schedule that will clearly define and communicate the plan for your campaign. It will cover all of the goals and planned activities as well as detail priorities, deliverables and the clear time frames in which to complete the tasks.

    • Information Architecture (IA) – When consulting with our SEO Strategists they will make sure that your site navigation will flow with the best possible SEO efficiency.
    • Content Strategy – Liaise with your content specialist to make sure that your content strategy will support your SEO objectives (drawing on the linkable assets and the relationships identified via the discovery phase).
    • Google Webmaster Tools – By setting up the main lines of communication between Google and your website, we can readily detect known issues and correct the problems directly via Google.
    • Internal and External Linking – Instructions to fix broken links and the links that point to the wrong pages. On site link strategy and we’ll consult with you to assist your developer with this implementation.
    • URL Phrase Matching – This matrix shows exactly what set of phrases to match with each URL.
    • Canonical Set Up – This makes sure that there aren’t any duplicate content issues.
    • Project Timeline – This is a defined timeline with specific activities and goals as well as outcomes for each month of the campaign.

Step 3 Execution

The best laid plans will only be as good as the execution. Each Creative Marketing Strategies, Inc. package will include:

    • Reporting and Tracking – Make sure that you have a focused picture of what will work and what won’t work as well as why. This will include traffic and ranking analysis.
    • Following Your Competitor – Keep a close observation on your competitor and what they’re doing, in this way you can stay ahead.
    • SEO Friendly Policies – We’ll point out areas pro actively where by you can add to the SEO by changing out daily campaigns.
    • Link Building – This custom link building will ensure a steady flow of links to your domain. We’ll create the content that so good that people will want to talk about it on their blogs and in other comments. They’ll share it with friends and others. We don’t use link farms, content farms, article spinning, black  SEO, or grey. We use 100 percent white hat SEO methods that build you up steadily with traffic engagement and with profits. We retain them over the long haul so that you won’t have to worry each time Google runs its updates or its ranking algorithms. With this creative content we also serve you as a marketing device, a social booster and brand enhancers.
    • Risk Assessment and Monitoring – We understand the risk is essential in maintaining search traffic in the long term. With certain rules that search engines want webmasters to respect. You can be penalized if you happen to break them, even if you didn’t know you were breaking them. We’ll perform a risk assessment with the links that point to your website and we’ll highlight issues and suggest preventative actions when required. We’ll work with you to make sure that all of your online marketing don’t have any SEO risks.

What Is The Cost

Each business is going to be slightly different. Even in the same industry. Many are old, some of them are new and others have a totally different website. Each one is slightly different when it comes to the competition. Therefore each campaign is different. Many packages aren’t based upon specific lists of the fixed price inclusions. These are based upon time. If you invest more you’ll get more of our time.

This strategy is detailed for your specific campaign. We include goals and activities as well as priorities and deliverables as well as clear time frames. We don’t provide a fixed set of services but rather find the efficient ways to achieve your goals. We always want the best for your business and guarantee realistic and long term solutions to ensure this happens. See our FAQ page for more information on our services or give us a call.

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