SEO Link Building 101 for Newbies

link buildingIf you don’t know the first thing about link building, the only thing you really need to know is that it is one part of SEO where you build links to your website so that it ranks higher in the search engines for your keywords.

Search engines like Google are really complex creatures and there are hundreds of factors that goes into their ranking algorithm, however, link building is still a major factor, despite all the recent changes in Google’s algorithm.

What is the best way to build links to your website? In a few short words, your link building must look “natural”. It should look like people found your content and found it useful enough to link to it from their website, or share it on Facebook and other social media. People who have been doing SEO long enough recommend that you carefully read guidelines of search engines, so that your website doesn’t get penalized.

How can we help you with your links?

Getting to know your business – It’s our policy to do explore all of our client’s websites, research on the industry in which it operates, and document the best possible ranking opportunities. This is merely the first step, as you shall see.

Drawing up strategies – Once we’ve done our due diligence, we then form a two-part action plan: content development and outreach campaign.

We are committed to building high-quality incoming links to our clients’ websites. High quality links do more than raise your search engine rankings and increase your traffic, they also build your credibility and your brand.

Why should you trust us?

Simply put, we’re masters at building links that look natural. If you’re like most webmasters, you’ve probably experienced the nerve-wrecking pendulum-like swing of your rankings. It’s probably because the search engines have detected that you’re building spam links, that you’re building links yourself, going against the principle of natural link building. Although the search engines can never replace the human brain, it’s very good at what it does, that is, detecting spam and any unnatural link building.

We understand that more is not necessarily better. As a matter of fact, as far as link building is concerned, one high quality link can trump hundreds of low-quality links. Our philosophy in link building is this: link smarter not harder.

We have three SEO packages that fit all types of websites and budgets.
  • The “Essential” package is our entry level link building package that is affordable and perfect for small businesses.
  • Our “Advanced” package will get you faster results and give you an advantage in medium competition markets.
  • Our “Professional” package is perfect for high-competition searches.
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