Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

(PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy and Online  Management Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising method where you only pay for qualifying click-throughs on your advertisements. These are ads that are displayed on the organic search engine results (SERP) in the very top premium position as well as the right hand side of the SERP pages. With pay per click advertising, advertisers can target specific keywords and create ads. The placement or rank of a keyword-targeted ad in the SERPS is based on a combination of the Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click bid of the specific keyword. The cost of specific keywords determines the CPC, which is part of the larger overall bidding system. The CPC of keywords does vary, with some costing more than others. However, with the proper mechanism and strategy in place, it is possible to curb the cost. That is why it is critical to conduct PPC keyword research to identify specific target keywords for ad campaigns. The Pay Per Click advertising search management services offered by Creative Marketing Strategies, Inc. go beyond just offering keyword bidding solutions. We focus our efforts on delivering traffic from all the main PPC provider networks. We identify geographic areas with the potential for generating less expensive, more targeted traffic that converts. You receive the following services as one of our PPC clients:

  • Defined campaign layouts and strategies
  • Advanced keyword selection and research
  • Creative development that follows the AIDA processes of: attention, interest, desire and action
  • Identification of high-converting landing pages
  • Campaign conversion tracking implementation
  • Submission of ads
  • PPC account settings configured
  • ROI tracking and PPC bid management
  • Pay Per Click advertising monthly analysis
  • Assessment of campaigns and recommendations for improvement
  • Optimization and creative testing
We also continuously work to improve:
  • Ranking and ad copy
  • Account history
  • Quality Score issues and improvements
  • Overall account performance
  • Conversion acquisition
  • Optimization opportunities and testing
  • Additional tracking and/or analytics
  • Additional information that is relevant to your campaigns
  • Long-term overall strategy for maximizing the results of your project
We will review the results and monitor the performance of your campaigns in terms of deliverables, management process, performance findings and much more. The main goal of our methodology is to increase the efficiency of campaigns through lowering cost per action and expanding the number of conversions by actively managing the campaigns on a daily basis.

Keyword Research

We employ advanced keyword research strategies in order to compile a list of relevant keyword phrases for our client’s services or products. This is a crucial first step to take as part of the Pay Per Click advertising keyword submission process. Targeting the correct keyword phrases results in highly qualified visitors to the website who will also likely be very motivated to request information or make a purchase.

Pay Per Click Advertising Analysis and Campaign Management

Our Pay Per Click advertising analysis and campaign management and program is comprised of the following components:

    • Achieving the highest return on investment (ROI) is the main goal.
    • Improving the efficiency and structure of campaigns and increasing overall audience reach.
    • Address Quality Score concerns and problems and improve them.
    • Identify search trends and act upon them. Perform A/B ad copy testing on a continuous basis and conduct in-depth keyword analysis.
    • Deliver qualified traffic that results in high conversion rates.
    • Monitor keyword performance on a daily basis. This includes ROI numbers, cost per acquisition, sales and traffic.
    • Keyword evaluation: removing, reconfiguring and adding ad groups, keyword phrases and ad copy to increase the total amount of productive keyword phrases each month.
    • Monitoring pre-set monthly and daily ad budgets.
    • Optimize keyword bids on an ongoing basis to determine the bid positions that provide the best return on a client’s business objectives, such as ROI, profit margin or cost per acquisition.
    • Campaign structural reorganization on a periodic basis to break up current ad groups into new groups along with different landing pages and new ads.
    • Create multiple ads for every keyword and keyword group and test them to decrease cost-per-click, raise average position and improve average click-through rates.
    • Monitor lost impression share on an ongoing basis based on poor ad rank (only Google AdWords) or insufficient budget.
    • Expand and incorporate new landing pages for current campaigns as needed.
    • Email monthly ROI reports to monitor campaign results and activity, including analytics, conversions, leads, number of visitors and cost per click.

Service Deliverables

    • Dedicated campaign management teams. Meetings are held with clients when needed to discuss any new recommendations as well as changes to daily ad budget, keyword matching options, ad run schedule, bid rules, bid positions, bid amounts and keyword set.
    • Ongoing analysis and extensive keyword research.
    • Research and creation of ad copy; call-to-action phrases are heavily emphasized.
    • Continuous monitoring and testing of A/B ad copy.
    • Listings in mobile, display/content and Google Search networks.
    • Detailed monthly reports.
    • Google Analytics and conversion tracking.
    • Mobile ads (where applicable) and site targeting campaigns.
    • Ongoing optimization and adjustments of campaign settings to improve ROI and increase profits.
    • If budget allows, expansion to other networks, such as social networks and Bing.
The pay-per-click management company Creative Marketing Strategies, Inc. understands how important pay-per-click campaigns are for holistic SEO and search engine marketing. Our PPC professionals offer a wide range of online Pay Per Click advertising services that can be used as part of your company’s ongoing Internet advertising efforts. On all our campaigns we execute a best-practices approach. Our goal from the very beginning is to locate effective and creative strategies that result in a more profitable and powerful presence online.

(PPC) Also known as Online Advertising, Paid Search Advertising, Search Advertising, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Pricing plans are not fixed; we work will all types of time and budget restraints. Request a Quote or Call us today at 505-715-4551 to discuss your individual needs.
  • choose your plan

  • Set Up FeeAre you wanting to get in touch with a company that treats your advertising campaigns as if they were their own and provides quality results? Sure, there are companies out there who do not require a setup fee from you, but you get what you pay for. Companies that do not charge a setup fee for helping you develop strong campaigns are a waste of time.Set Up Fee
  • Monthly BudgetDo you have an idea of what you can afford for an advertising budget? Devising your own advertising solutions might have found you going over budget each month. With a professional company at the helm, you might just find the restructuring of your marketing plans moving you in the direction of more advertising at less cost. Monthly Budget
  • Monthly OptimizationsThe simple approach to pay per click advertising is selecting keywords that you want tied to your site regarding search terms and results. However, it gets much more complicated than that, with ad rewriting, refocusing keywords, optimizing content, restructuring bidding and more. It's quite the aggressive game, something we are good at doing for companies in order to bring about the maximum exposure that is seen in the potential of cost per click advertising. Monthly Optimizations
  • Max CampaignsMonitoring of your campaigns is key to being able to restructure them. While you will also be monitoring the success of your advertising campaigns, you want the company to be on top of this as well as both major and minor adjustments need to be made. Max Campaigns
  • Max Ad GroupsWhen using Google Adwords, Ad groups are specified based upon your product groupings. The number of ad groups you end up having will be based upon collaborative efforts between you and an account manager for Adwords. Max Ad Groups
  • Ads Per Ad GroupWhich ads are outperforming the others? You're going to want to know this so that you're maximizing your marketing potential with the ads you've selected. We will constantly be analyzing data for you to make sure that the focus is on the ads that are working for your business. Ads Per Ad Group
  • Landing PagesLanding page is a separate webpage different from your main web site that has been developed for a specific focused objective.Landing Pages
  • Unlimited KeywordsPay per click advertising campaigns can be very cost efficient, but they can also be costly when not narrowing down a list of keywords. Other factors, such as bid price, can also affect the outcome greatly. We can help you balance out your campaign, again effectively choosing the best performing keywords and keyword phrases and determining the exact number that is needed for an effective campaign. Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Negative KeywordsMany people don't understand just how much negative keywords also have to do with their success when it comes to search engine results. Negative keywords tell search engines not to show your website in the results, thereby narrowing your niche when needed to provide for a much better CTR.Unlimited Negative Keywords
  • Form Submission TrackingForm submission has everything to do with conversion tracking, as you can better identify what is working for you when it comes to engaging the customers. What is driving the traffic to your site can thus be recognized, and a plan can better be built around this information. Form Submission Tracking
  • Phone Call TrackingMany metrics are often overlooked when thinking about what factors are driving click through rates. For example, tracking phone calls is also helpful, as it will help you recognize the keywords that are driving the phone calls. Phone Call Tracking
  • Google Analytics IntegrationOf course you want Google Analytics set up properly so that you're benefiting from the data that is provided. We can help ensure that the metrics are all aligned, and we can also help you take advantage of the data available to you to further promote a professional Adwords campaign. Google Analytics Integration
  • Mobile Optimized AdsMobile ads and mobile bidding are two things that must be worked on separately. Also overlooked some in the past, marketers are now realizing the mobile browsing is quickly taking over. It makes up a large part of the browsing market, and in the future, it stands to rake in a much larger percentage of online shopping profits. Mobile Optimized Ads
  • Click-To-Call Mobile AdsHave you been browsing a site on your mobile phone and ran into a click to call button, meaning you can easily access the company with the click of your phone mouse vs dialing the number separately? This is a very convenient feature for customers, and not only does it make engaging in conversation with them more possible, it also helps you again track keyword success with your incoming phone calls. Click-To-Call Mobile Ads
  • Sitelink ExtensionsSitelink options with your online ads is another plus that we can provide you. What this does is allow for other links besides just your home page, where customers can land on more specific pages without having to navigate there on their own. Naturally, you can imagine how this is beneficial in cutting to the chase and ensuring that ads are more direct.Sitelink Extensions
  • Display Network CampaignCheaper ways to get clicks and help brand your business are out there. One of the possibilities is Google Display Network. You can save money using the features available in this network vs traditional cost per click advertising. Display Network Campaign
  • Custom Image AdsAre you wanting to feature a custom image or logo? Perhaps you need one designed for your ad. Our graphic designers are available to help come up with an unique ad that displays relevant images that can help drive click through rates through the roof. While you don't necessarily have to have images included in your ads, they do help out in many ways. Custom Image Ads
  • Custom ReportingDo you want all the reporting, statistics and analysis made easy to understand? We will not only analyze all data and fine tune your campaigns, but we will put everything into nice and neat reports for you to browse at your convenience. Custom Reporting
  • No ContractsWould you like to be able to take advantage of all of this without some kind of contract? We can work on an off-contract basis to help you get your marketing objectives under control. If we're doing a good job, we know you'll keep coming back.No Contracts
  • Essential

  • $149

    per month

  • Set Up Fee$149
  • Monthly Budget$100 - $300
  • Monthly Optimizations2
  • Max Campaigns3
  • Max Ad Groups15
  • Ads Per Ad Group2
  • Landing Pages3
  • Unlimited Keywords250
  • Unlimited Negative Keywords150
  • Form Submission Trackingyes
  • Phone Call Trackingyes
  • Google Analytics Integrationno
  • Mobile Optimized Adsyes
  • Click-To-Call Mobile Adsyes
  • Sitelink Extensionsyes
  • Display Network Campaignno
  • Custom Image Adsno
  • Custom Reportingyes
  • No Contractsyes
  • Advanced

  • $299

    per month

  • Set Up Fee$349
  • Monthly Budget$300 - $600
  • Monthly Optimizations3
  • Max Campaigns6
  • Max Ad Groups30
  • Ads Per Ad Group3
  • Landing Pages6
  • Unlimited Keywords500
  • Unlimited Negative Keywords300
  • Form Submission Trackingyes
  • Phone Call Trackingyes
  • Google Analytics Integrationyes
  • Mobile Optimized Adsyes
  • Click-To-Call Mobile Adsyes
  • Sitelink Extensionsyes
  • Display Network Campaignyes
  • Custom Image Adsno
  • Custom Reportingyes
  • No Contractsyes
  • Professional

  • $599

    per month

  • Set Up Fee$699
  • Monthly Budget$600 - $1200
  • Monthly Optimizations4
  • Max Campaigns12
  • Max Ad Groups60
  • Ads Per Ad Group4
  • Landing Pages12
  • Unlimited Keywordsyes
  • Unlimited Negative Keywordsyes
  • Form Submission Trackingyes
  • Phone Call Trackingyes
  • Google Analytics Integrationyes
  • Mobile Optimized Adsyes
  • Click-To-Call Mobile Adsyes
  • Sitelink Extensionsyes
  • Display Network Campaignyes
  • Custom Image Adsyes
  • Custom Reportingyes
  • No Contractsyes
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