Pay Per Click Advertising Guide


PPC Advertising Advantages

What Are PPC Ads

Pay Per Click AdvertisingPPC stands for Pay Per Click. With this form of advertising, advertisers pay on a cost per click basis for visitors to their website.

PPC ads can also be placed by advertisers on the search engines. Another popular phrase used to refer to PPC ads is sponsored listing. The payment method for sponsored listings might be on a cost per click basis or might not be. However, PPC ads always use a cost per click method of payment.

PPC ads may appear on the top, bottom or right hand side of the search engine results (SERPs) where organic rankings are also displayed.

PPC Advertisement Features

One of the main benefits of PPC advertising is that it can bring traffic to your website almost immediately by placing you in the SERPs for your chosen keywords. PPC advertising is:

    • Low Risk
    • Flexible
    • Definite

These features provide PPC with certain advantages compared to other kinds of online advertising. Several of these features are discussed and detailed below.

PPC Ads Are Displayed When You Want Them To Be

    • Results Are Instant

You get instant results with PPC campaigns. Your ads immediately go live. At any time after that they can be deleted, added or modified.

    • Easy Implementation

PPC advertising is easy to implement and is an effective marketing method. You don’t have to modify your website to run PPC ads. It is also an effective model for websites that are hard to modify architecturally for SEO purposes. As an example, if your website is in frames, it is still possible to run PPC campaigns. Your ads would be displayed, and they would drive traffic to your website.

    • Pay Per Click

The only time you have to pay is when your ad is clicked.

Measure Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

You can readily obtain accurate stats and your campaign’s effectiveness can be measured. You will be provided with such details as: conversion rate on a per keyword basis, cost incurred, cost per click averages, number of impressions and number of clicks.

These statistics provide advertisers with the ability to calculate ROI and acquisition cost. Campaigns can be instantly modified, based on how effective the PPC campaign has been calculated to be.

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