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Many businesses think placing their logo onto their service or product is branding. Although it is quite important that your customers recognize your products and services, using a logo is just one piece of the branding process. Branding has three core components: logo design, identity and brand.

What is the logo?- The logo identifies the business in a simple form through using an icon or mark.
What is identity? – This refers to the visual aspect of a brand.
What is brand? – The overall image of a corporation

The Brand

Many individuals think there are only a couple of elements that go into making a brand- a slogan, a logo, some fonts, some colors and perhaps some music is added as well. However, the reality is, branding is much more complicated than this.

Your brand is your business image. You can design your brand. However, it is actually your target market that creates your brand. The way your target market responds emotionally and personally to your company is your brand. When designing your brand, it’s absolutely critical for everything that your company does to be combined under one umbrella. When you put everything you believe, own and produce into one framework, it enables your customers or clients to help shape your brand.

The consistency of your core idea is what actually makes your company. It helps to drive it, shows what the organization believes in and stands for and explains why your business even exists in the first place. Brand is not all about a slogan, logo, some typefaces and some colors.


Identity design, in most cases, is based around visual elements that are used inside the company and assembled together following a set of guidelines. The guidelines making up the identity normally influence how the company identity gets applied across a wide array of mediums, with approved measurements, layouts, color palettes and so on. The guidelines help to ensure that the company’s identity remains coherent. This allows the brand to be recognized in its entirety.

Many visual elements make up the company’s image or identity:

    • Logo (a symbol of the complete brand and identity)
    • Stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)
    • Marketing Material (websites, books, brochures, flyers, etc.)
    • Packaging and Products (company products along with the packaging for these products)
    • Apparel Deigns (items of clothing that employees wear)
    • Signage (exterior and interior design)
    • Actions and Messages (indirect and direct messages that are communicated)
    • Other Forms of Communication (touch, smell, audio, etc)
    • Other visual elements representing the company

All these elements help to create a company’s identity. All of them should support the entire brand. You want your business to be recognizable everywhere. If your employees wear different colors out on the sales floor than what appears on the product packaging that gets sent to the customer’s house, or the letterhead on your bills is different than what appears on receipts, these things can really confuse your customers. And confusion can result in feelings of uncertainty. This can harm the interactions you have with customers, which in turn can hurt your sales.


A logo expresses what your company is, in its simplest form, to potential and current customers. The symbol is created to be memorable and provides your company with instant brand recognition. As people get used to seeing your logo, they will immediately associate the logo with your brand, which helps to build a stronger brand for your business.

Branding involves two sides (how your company is perceived by customers and your beliefs). If you can combine these two aspects into a perfect formula, this will help bring your business to a whole new level. It helps to build loyalty and will inspire your customers to keep returning to you time after time.

We first need to understand what a logo is for before we can understand what it is.

A logo provides identification to a company.

A product or company is identified by a logo through using a signature, symbol, flag or mark. The logo doesn’t directly describe the business or sell the company or products. The meaning of a logo is derived from the quality of what it symbolizes. Logos do not explain, they provide an identity. The meaning of a logo is more important than its appearance.

To illustrate the concept, imagine logos as individuals. We like being referred to by our names- John, Jane, James- instead of some forgettable and confusing description of us like “that guy with the blonde hair who always wears purple clothes.” A logo, in a similar manner, should not describe what a business does literally. Instead, it should identify the company in a memorable and recognizable way.

It is important to keep in mind that it is only after the logo has become familiar and recognizable that it functions as it is intended to. This is similar to us needing to learn and remember the names of people in order to identify them that way.

A product or business is identified by the logo in its simplest form.

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