A Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing

beginners guide to social media marketingIn recent years the concept of online marketing has become extremely popular among millions of individuals worldwide. Many professional bloggers have used the tool of social media marketing as a means of making money by placing posts on various topics, such as mobile phone reviews or quick thoughts about their day. Although many bloggers are only interested in blogging, by using this tool you can create a platform for blog exposure, networking and a rise in traffic to your site (which ultimately increases any sales targets you may have).

Many large marketing companies utilize traditional marketing tools promoting their products and brand via online advertisements. They have been known to also use search engine optimization and, in some cases, purchase traffic streams towards their sites. By using social media strategies you have that advantage to do big business in the area not covered by large corporations. The following steps can act as a guideline for social media marketing success:

Mapping out your strategy

To have a successful social media marketing experience, you must have a concise social media marketing strategy. It is important you determine what you want to achieve with your marketing plan; as well as what type of response you are looking to receive from your target market. To answer these questions you should consider the following:

  • product brand
  • networking
  • product exposure
  • search engine optimization
  • customer relations and rapport

Connecting with your target market

As important as the product you are promoting, is the target market you are promoting the product to. It is vital that you have an idea of what your ideal website visitor or consumer looks like. This will help you determine what they want, what they need and what they expect from you. By understanding your target market you will also have insight into what social media communications you should provide to create a strong relationship and first impression.

Provide consistent, quality online content

The web content you provide should be consistent over time, as well as consistent to your overall message and objective. For example, if you are a professional fashion and interior design blogger you should provide quality articles on this topic. This helps achieve branding objections and allows you to meet your desired target market.

Furthermore, by having a consistent message you will also meet a goal of relevance and theming when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). However, you should not over-optimize as this can lead to your site leaving a ‘digital footprint’, throwing up red flags as search engines feel you are trying to manipulate your page rank. Don’t always use the same anchor links and DO NOT keep linking back to your home page.

Build a rapport through social networking

Social media marketing is about social networking and conversations with followers. Get involved with discussions on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, reply to blog comments on your site and always ask for feedback! This shows you are an individual looking to build relationships and not a corporation looking to meet sales targets.

Social media marketing is an effective and enjoyable means of promoting your ‘company’ or brand. It’s a personal method of exposure; you just need to use the correct steps to make it successful

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